fallen leaves

Selangor, Malaysia

7 thoughts on “fallen leaves

      • well first of all – thanks for taking the time to point that page out to me – because it was fun to see the others and then compare. I also saw the trees and other cool things – and even though I have been following you since last year – I mostly scroll thru the reader and so never really make it to the blog. but now that I did – I like your work even more (not to sound cheesy either) – but you have a style all your own – and while most photographers do – sometimes there is more energy or more of a style that really comes thru – and I feel that here with your close-ups -= abstracts and different takes.

      • Wow – thank you for such a complimentary and articulate response. I too am guilty of mostly scrolling through the reader and struggle to find the screen time to explore more thoroughly. I really appreciate your comments – you made my morning!

      • well I am so glad – and I think it is okay to not be able to always explore blogs in depth or even read every single post from bloggers (just keeping honest about it and not pretending to read if one did not – ya know) but then I have also found that the time I make to go deeper – well I am the one who benefits – like certain history posts enrich my knowledge – or other kinda writing can just enrich me – and with good photography – well as you know – it can move in different ways and impacts leaving us better.
        okay – have a nice week

      • I’m with you on this. I try but with my globetrotting lifestyle, sketchy internet connections in some parts of the world, and the priorities of my work as mentor and teacher trainer, I often don’t have the time, inclination, or ability to focus on this glowing screen. But, with that said, I am astounded at the huge number of very creative people out there! very encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring!

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