concrete stains

Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India

4 thoughts on “concrete stains

  1. well I scroll your photos through my email reader and I do not always have the time to come and press like or leave a comment – but whew – you have a gift for taking such artsy photos – and they are some of the most unique shots I have ever seen. and in this one – well you grabbed a concrete stain – with your artsy lens – and it is absolutely wonderful. and the natural border around it almost feels like a frame. 🙂 have a nice day.

    • Thank you so kindly for your very generous words – it’s quite humbling and much appreciated. It’s always good to hear from regular viewer/visitors and I am very pleased that you enjoy my work so much. It is genuinely very gratifying.
      Many Blessings

      • de nada! and I just thought that you should know because many times people are not able to leave a like or comment – and when we read from our email it does not even show a view – but we get to see them that way.
        have a nice rest of June!

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