Marlow, New Hampshire

4 thoughts on “snow

  1. I find myself thinking of your photos even when I am not online, especially the more abstract ones. It’s inspiring my own creative pursuits, and I thank you for that.

    • Saying thank you does not even approach the gratitude I feel for your comment – for me it is the very highest of compliments for something I have done to be an inspiration for another – it is the very essence of my intention – your sharing is genuinely touching and moving – and yes, an inspiration for me… so, even though it is woefully inadequate, THANK YOU!

    • yes, this is actual snow – in deep snow, larger objects such as rocks or trees which are exposed to the sun, absorb and radiate the sun’s warmth causing a warmer localized temperature , thus creating bowl like depressions in the drifts around the object – this is a shot of this natural phenomenon – the base and trunk of the hemlock tree are just out of the frame – this same phenomenon is why the rate of melting arctic ice is accelerating – with global warming, more earth, rocks, soil, or even sea water are exposed by the melting, causing a positive feedback loop – the arctic ice melts, the radiant energy is absorbed by the darker objects (or water) rather than being reflected by the white ice and snow, thus the rate of melting accelerates over an ever increasing surface area and will continue to do so until the ice and snow is completely melted – obviously, this is very bad news for virtually all life on earth… this is why immediate action to address climate change is imperative and should be our very highest priority – at the rate we are going, we will not be able to survive with the changes we are causing – by only talking about it, delaying action, or trying to ignore/deny that our planet is warming (because of human activity) only allows the problem to grow worse – and it’s growing exponentially – very soon (some say in just a decade or two) it will be beyond our ability to mitigate the warming and literally we will not be able survive much less adjust to the changes in the biosphere – these changes are already in motion and the science shows that it is speeding up much much faster than the original models anticipated – pretty grim stuff for sure –

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